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FLIR Optional Lenses – T5xx, T8xx, & EXX Series

FLIR Optional Lenses – T5xx, T8xx, & EXX Series

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FLIR Interchangeable lenses for use with T5xx, T8xx, & EXX Series thermal imaging cameras. 

Interchangeable lenses allow you to adapt your Thermal Imaging Camera to almost any situation. Magnifying distance objects or increasing your field of view.


  • 14°, 29 mm lens: this telephoto lens has a narrow field of view for precise focus and crisp imaging of distant targets.
  • 24°, 17 mm lens: often considered the “standard” lens, the 24° × 18° field of view allows users to remain a safe distance from energized equipment (e.g. 3 m/6.6 ft) while still obtaining a crisp focus on smaller targets.
  • 42°, 10 mm lens: this wide-angle lens captures the largest field of view for imaging buildings, roofs, or other areas where it’s important to gather the most information in a single image.
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