Thermographic Surveys

Surveys can be booked by contacting Allister Pirrie by email, or telephone 01462 894144.

Electrical & Mechanical Surveys

Our electrical thermographic surveys are carried out by our highly qualified and experienced Level 2 Thermographers who are also qualified Electrical Engineers with many years’ experience in this industry. Our Thermographers have the full range of FLIR thermal imaging cameras at their disposal to enable them to carry out all electrical thermographic surveys in any environment although our highest specification FLIR P660 is generally used to make sure that your report is delivered with the highest quality.

Carrying out regular electrical thermographic surveys can help to reduce safety risks and downtime by providing non-intrusive, non-contact inspections.

Mechanical thermographic surveys are normally carried out in conjunction with an electrical thermographic survey as many faults that may be discovered are often directly related to an electrical problem and vice-versa.

building surveys

Building Surveys


Building thermographic surveys can detect many different building problems which are usually invisible to the naked eye. Our FLIR ‘Building Specific’ thermal imaging cameras can visualize building problems such as: 

  • Energy Loss: Quick identification of insulation deficiencies. Pinpoints moisture problems. Air infiltration. 
  • Voids: Infrared thermography is ideal for locating voids within structures 
  • Condensation
  • Mould 
  • Leaks in underfloor heating systems
  • Heating Systems: Efficiency evaluation.
  • Roof Moisture Thermography: Flat Roof Installations, Infrared inspection and evaluation provides you with the necessary information and documentation to make accurate decisions regarding an isolated repair or replacement of your roofs.
  • Thermal Bridges

High Voltage & Substation Surveys

We are currently carrying out regular electrical thermographic surveys throughout the UK for the country’s largest power supplier. 

These surveys include the thermal inspection of all: Busbars, capacitor banks, reactors, resistors, wall bushings, C.T.s and V.T.s, surge arrestors, disconnecter contacts, earthing transformers, thyristor valves, control panels.

high voltage surveys


Film Production

Thermal imaging cameras are being used more and more in television and film production. Our own experience in television programme production includes:

  • It's Not Rocket Science - ITV
  • Stefan Gates 'E Numbers'
  • The BBC’s ‘The One Show’ - Featuring hibernating Dormice, wild adders and bats
  • Stefan Gates’s ‘E Numbers’ - Monitoring cooking temperature. 
  • Sarah Beanies’s ‘Help my House is Falling Down’ - Showing structural anomalies in old houses.
  • Richard Hammonds ‘Invisible Worlds’ -Demonstrating how forest fires gather momentum.
  • Most Haunted - Monitoring temperature anomalies in ‘haunted’ buildings.
  • G.H.O.S.T (Film production company) - Monitoring Temperature anomalies in haunted buildings.
  • Anglia Home Improvements with Philippa Forrester. (Promotional filming) - Animal filming to demonstrate natural insulation of tropical animals versus animals from colder climates.

    Medical & Science

    We are the main thermal imaging camera suppliers to many of the country’s leading universities who cover many research applications including:

    • Biological Sciences - Plant Physiology – Essex University
    • Botanical Sciences – Bath University
    • Building Science – Manchester University
    • Applied Sciences – Cranfield University
    • Mechanical Engineering – Swansea University
    • Child Health Clinical Sciences – Nottingham University
    • Department of Physics – Surrey University

    Medical Thermography

    Medical thermography is a non-invasive diagnostic technique that allows the examiner to visualise temperature changes in skin surface the may be caused by hidden problems.

    Equine Diagnostics

    Equine & Veterinary

    Equine Thermography is becoming increasingly popular within the UK and Thermal Cameras UK are happy to be a part of this. Our own Level 2 Thermographer has more than 20 years’ experience working in the Equine and Horse Racing industry. The main benefit of using thermography on horses or other animals are that temperature change is the first thing that changes when things start to go wrong.  Equine Thermography will reveal those heat changes before a joint, for example, becomes irreparably injured or breaks down making this procedure both predictive and preventative. 

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    Surveys can be booked by contacting:

    Allister Pirrie
    Sales Manager - Level 2 Thermographer ITC-PCN Qualified
    Tel: 01462 894144